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Simplifying your POS integration with Spice

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

At mx51, we make POS integrations easy for POS developers, enabling fast integrations between payment terminals and POS so that merchants can be set up to take payments in-store quicker.

Spice by mx51 is our unique middleware designed to simplify the POS integration process, making it so simple, setup time can be cut down to a couple of minutes. Spice by mx51 pairs an EFTPOS terminal to Spice, offering a quicker way to integrate by cutting down the development process from a few months to a few weeks. Using the Electron platform, Spice by mx51 can be run cross-platform on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

This makes our middleware the most flexible software on the market for POS integrations as most major competitors are limited to Windows.

POS integration software with added benefits

In addition to making POS integrations fast and seamless, Spice by mx51 also has a self-upgrade feature enabling a POS to upgrade to the latest version and functionality simply at the click of a button. This enables merchants to access the latest features simply and easily without a POS software update.

Merchants can also initiate Spice installation themselves by double clicking the application and allowing it to auto-install, thus minimising installation time for merchants.

A transaction listing page is available for quick look up of the last 10 transactions and the UI also enables dark mode, perfect for low lit venues such as bars and nightclubs.

Working with our partners to deliver an exceptional merchant experience

Spice by mx51 has helped simplify POS integrations for numerous POS partners including Oracle. Our unique integration from Spice to Oracle Payments Interface (OPI) and Simphony (SPI) was developed from the ground up, certified by Oracle and available on the Oracle cloud marketplace.

Our integration with Oracle is unique, enabling Spice to be paired with multiple terminals, a feature that will soon be available to all our POS partners.

Collaborating with Oracle developers during COVID-19, and working through the challenges of working remotely with our Oracle partners in the US, we were able to run virtual machine servers from home and online to test the robustness of the integration and its new features.

Despite these challenges, we delivered a high quality product and a successful outcome for our pilot merchants testing the new functionality. Three Blue Ducks, Rosebery said “getting setup with the install was quick and seamless”.

At mx51, we’re dedicated to working with our partners to deliver an exceptional merchant experience. If you’re ready for a simpler way to integrate your POS with your merchant payment solution, get in touch.

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